I have taught courses in England and Italy each summer for over 15 years. I will not teach these courses during 2021, but hope to return in 2022.

I wrote a blog post comparing the courses at the Veneto summer school and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.


I have co-authored, with Enzo Coviello, Stata commands for estimating and modelling relative survival. Enzo is responsible for all of the nice code.

  • strs - estimating and modelling relative survival
  • stnet - estimating relative survival

Some Stata tutorials, most of which are about survival analysis

SAS code for estimating and modelling relative survival. I wrote this code in the 1990s and have since moved from SAS to Stata, so this code is not maintained.

Some SAS tips and tricks (primarily on data management)


My publication list can be found in my CV, researcher ID, PubMed, or Google scholar.

Selected talks

An introcuction to flexible parametric survival models and how I use them in my research

An overview of some concepts in survival analysis

I didn’t develop flexible parametric survival models, but I am an avid fan. Some of my methods research (with Paul Lambert and …

An overview of methods presented for clinicians

Ja! Om syftet med den statistiska undersökningen är vetenskapligt, bör vi presentera mått på osäkerhet.

Recent posts

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